Friday, December 19, 2014

For the animals

Note: when I pray, it is to reach out to something greater than myself. There is no right definition of what God is but I think there are several wrong ones. I pray for the sake of love, kindness and compassion. What I pray to can handle that kind of thing.

My birthday wish:

Dear God,

I know I am not responsible for the happiness of all the animals here. I do my best and I have dedicated my time, my resources and my energy to bringing some peace and security to the few animals I have had the great fortune to be able to love and care for, to live with, to spend time with over my lifetime thus far. Please forgive me. I honestly wish that I could do more. I honestly wish that I could give more and spread the care over more individuals.

Over my time here, I have found Earth to be overwhelmed with many levels and layers of suffering and there are time when I feel completely broken by it.

I know there is no rote prayer for this. Not one thing I can do or say to heal this however I will keep asking.

Every time I ask for assistance, aid, help, guidance and relief for the animals that I encounter, I find more suffering. I am not sure what to do with it.

So, just for today, just for this moment, please give us some peace, Dear God, just for this moment encourage human beings to care, love and appreciate all animals. Allow me to experience faith in action, leadership in compassion and trust in happiness. Just for this moment give humanity the gift of valuing our ability to actually look after animals, to change their place in the world to one of respect and kindness. Thank you. Amen.